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Collaborative software consulting

We help companies to grow by delivering software projects faster.

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Amelo has an ambition to change the way software is developed and priced.

There’s a clear process that gives customers peace of mind that, with Amelo, you will get results fast, with flexibility and freedom.

We offer agile software development, customised training and process consultancy services.

Software Development

We create applications, websites and mobile apps, using agile processes to deliver projects quickly.

We will customise, adapt or develop bespoke software, so you always have the right solution for your business.


Want to get the most from your development team?

Need to understand the principles of great software development, including TDD, good naming practices and great design?

We provide hands-on training for software development teams.

Process Consultancy

We can help you deliver software projects faster.

Whether you need better visibility of what’s happening or seek to reduce the pain of releasing, we’ll guide you using the tools and techniques of continuous delivery.

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Amelo bridges the gap between what the business wants and what technology can deliver.